How Data Science Add Values to Build and Grow Your Business

Christopher Roberts
5 min readNov 19, 2019


Business analytics is one of the most powerful tools used when driving a business forward. We can see a variety of methods being used in every successful business.

This stems all the way back to the 70s and 80s. Data-centric businesses have always been the most widely successful. For years, we’ve seen companies outsourcing data entry services to get precious data into their systems. Companies that are better at leveraging data tend to be more successful in the long run. The main difference is that today, we have access to more data than ever.

Furthermore, everyone has access to the same data so small businesses are now able to tap into new markets and gain a better understanding of their customers.

The main challenge with having this much data is creating structure. We use tools to analyze and organize all this data, so the real solution lies in the development of these systems. It starts by asking questions to determine the problems that you want to solve.

Small businesses have always been fighting against the odds with only a rare few reaching the immortal billion-dollar status. Most of these businesses will stay small their entire existence. Some people are content just owning a small business, and that’s perfectly fine.

But if you are driven to break through that glass ceiling, then learning to manage data is going to be your first step towards huge success. Even smaller tasks like having data entry outsourced are an important piece to a much larger puzzle.

Many businesses have used data to make the transition from a small business into a corporate empire. Data adds tremendous value to your business.

Businesses that are simply outsourcing data entry services and not doing anything with the data are not going to be successful. We must use data science to put all of this data to good use.

Big Data Comes with Many Benefits

  • Data science provides businesses with a way to create tools that blend, analyze, and then extract essential information from large chunks of raw data.
  • Forecast the performance of different operations in real-time while also monitoring for any situations that might affect your business.
  • Provides ideas that can be used to grow your business. This information can be automatically gathered from social media and other third-party sources.
  • Allows for the creation of a data-driven marketing plan.
  • Analyze customer purchase habits so that marketing teams can create customized offers, thus generating higher conversions.
  • Identify essential information so that quality decisions can be made at the right times.
  • Mitigate risks by optimizing the decision-making process.
  • Real-time monitoring of business strategies.

Data Science Adds Value to Businesses

Here are some ways that data science, backed with the right technology, can create opportunities for growth in business and essentially adds value.

Helps Businesses Adopt New Policies for Growth

One of the biggest benefits of using data for growth is that it forces you to focus on issues that matter to your company. Growth should always be a primary concern.

Data provides business owners with information in regard to their current policies, showing the areas where they should put in more effort. Once these areas have been identified, resources can be invested in them to ensure continued growth.

Allows Executives to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Having a well-laid out data science strategy will help ensure that essential decision-makers within a company have access to essential information at the right times. Therefore, they can create sound strategies that can be used to maximize the potential growth of a business. These systems will estimate the potential value and risks of decisions by providing access to key performance metrics.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Data science that is backed with business intelligence systems will ensure that all executives are aware of what’s currently happening in the market. The secret to growth (although it’s not really a secret) is to take advantage of opportunities as they appear. The problem is that most small businesses do not see these opportunities until it’s too late.

Identify Trends in Real-Time

Data science compiles data and when combined with business intelligence, will seek out and identify future trends. In short, it helps a business tweak their goals in order to match trending markets. This is why large businesses always seem to be on top of current trends. Companies that are directed by data can define actions that will boost their turnover and engages customers better. In the end, we see a boost in profits as a result of data science.

Identify Target Audiences with Pinpoint Accuracy

Every business has data that is being collected from at least one area, but the problem is how this data is being used. For example, a lot of companies invest in data entry services, but they are not using the data efficiently. The benefit of using data science is that it creates a system where this data is combined with other useful insights to learn more about specific target markets.

In short, it’s easy for businesses to identify their target market with pinpoint accuracy. This allows marketing teams to develop focused campaigns and allows product development to be based on very specific niches. Overall, focusing on specific markets creates higher profit margins.

Make Data-Driven Decision Based on Evidence

When executives have access to data, they are able to make decisions that are based on evidence rather than “following their guts.”

Data science plays a vital role in providing this information. These systems have the potential to create visual models that can be used when making decisions.

Visuals are much easier to work with so they make it easier for executives to cut through the clutter and focus only on the decision at hand. Nowadays there are so many visual variations you can use, the options are almost endless. For example, you could create a heat map by zip code if your business relies on a lot of geographical data.

The Future of Data Science Starts Today!

We are going to see this realm grow in the coming years but make no mistake — the future of data science has already begun. Every day will lead to more innovative ways of collecting and analyzing data. Here are a couple of ways that data science will impact the future.

The next generation of data analytics will revolve around domain specialization. More business analytical systems will depend on automation by 2020. This will also match the emergence of a 5G network where we’re going to see even more data being shared. Data scientists will continue to be in high-demand but businesses will start requiring that they have even more skills.