5 Reasons Why Data Accuracy Matters for Your Business

Christopher Roberts
5 min readOct 26, 2019


The importance of data accuracy cannot be contained in words as it is one of the most important components of data quality. It alludes to whether the data values saved for a particular object, product, or service are accurate.

Any data you provide must be accurate, as this is what gives your business credibility. These data values must be accurate and provided in an unambiguous and consistent form.

When it comes to data accuracy, there are two most important characteristics: content and form. The form is especially important, as it’s needed to eliminate any possible ambiguities about the content.

Creating data values requires some discipline and absolute precision to make sure all data values are accurate. Let’s delve deeper into why data accuracy matters for your business and how it can contribute to growing your profitability.

Data Accuracy Improves Your Decision-Making Process

Since information is essential in online business, accurate and reliable data is an essential tool you can use to base your decisions on. This is how you’ll make the right moves and beat your competition.

This strategy brings some great benefits along the way:

  • Increased revenue — cleansed and accurate data is a reliable and effective way to make the right decisions and drive sales.
  • Reduced costs — accurate and updated data helps you save money that would otherwise be spent on ineffective decisions, strategies, and tactics.
  • Improved customer experience and increased customer satisfaction — customers appreciate any business with accurate data. More importantly, current and accurate data about your consumers and their buying and online habits help your marketing efforts by making sure your messages reach the right audience.

With the right timing, this helps you engage with the customers in a personalized way and encourage them to come full circle in their customer journey.

  • Time-saving — if you manage your data the right way, you reduce costs and save time since you will not have to spend time rectifying your mistakes and errors.
  • Improved ROI — data accuracy demands data assets, and these assets are nothing more than an investment. The more accurate your data is, the greater the return on investment, and there are no additional costs.

Five Reasons Why Data Accuracy is so Important to Businesses

Getting data management right is the only safe way of adopting the latest, most advanced technologies, and getting ahead of the competition.

The more businesses use modern technology, the more data they generate. All that data growth is nothing more than a lucrative opportunity you can exploit to increase your profitability.

Since data is so essential, data accuracy becomes crucial for your business success. The higher the quality, the bigger the chance there is to prosper. Here are five great reasons why high-quality data greatly matters to your business.

1. Data Accuracy Enables Better Decision Making

The highest data quality provides a certain level of confidence to all who depend on that data. If data quality is high, the users will be able to produce better outputs.

This increases business efficiency and lowers risk in the outcomes. With reliable outputs, businesses can improve their entire decision-making process and easily mitigate any risks along the way.

2. Improved Productivity

The importance of data accuracy goes far beyond just decision-making. It’s directly related to productivity.

Accurate data makes the job of your employees much easier. Instead of wasting time on finding and fixing data errors, your staff can shift their focus on more important tasks and goals.

3. Data Accuracy Leads to Lower Cost

Data errors are extremely costly for any business, but the risk is far greater than just losing money. Aside from exhausting your financial resources, poor data quality will negatively reflect on your brand credibility, productivity, and efficiency.

In the worst-case scenario, your brand reputation will be ruined, and you’ll lose most of your customers. The biggest problem with poor data is that one mistake causes other mistakes, and it takes a tremendous amount of time to identify and fix these errors.

Instead of using your freshly gathered data to generate business strategies, you’ll have to spend that time fixing errors, which is a costly task.

Poor data also results in the inability to cope with the latest marketing trends, missing great business opportunities. Losing track of such trends gives your competitors an advantage over you.

4. Improved Marketing

Nothing matters more than data accuracy for your marketing efforts and that is why the importance of data accuracy cannot be undermined. High-quality data allows you to market to the right audience, which reduces both time and cost.

In return, sending the right message to the right audience means improving your marketing and increasing sales.

Target marketing gives real results and helps you grow your business, but more importantly, it allows you to keep your customers engaged with your brand.

5. Aids in Compliance

Following various regulations is of the utmost importance for any business, as this directly impacts your relationship with customers.

Therefore, maintaining the highest quality data makes a huge difference between paying extremely expensive fines and compliance. Regulations keep evolving, and your business needs to evolve with them. The only way to do that is by maintaining data accuracy.

Data Accuracy, a Prerequisite for Artificial Intelligence

Since most modern companies use business strategies that include artificial intelligence, data accuracy becomes paramount for their success. According to the most recent studies, machine learning is in high demand in the marketplace.

The research found that 60% of businesses have already implemented this technology, while 50% already use it to establish a relationship with their consumers.

There’s no denying that AI and ML make modern businesses more competitive, and these organizations expect certain benefits from such technologies.

Well, the first benefit is the increased quality of data, as well as the accuracy of gathered data. These technologies help modern businesses to not only improve profitability but better understand their customers as well.


All digital business depends on data accuracy. Without it, all modern technology doesn’t mean a single thing, as the results you get depend on the quality of data you provide.

The more accurate the data you provide, the better your chances are to use that technology to reach your audience, increase your profitability, and beat the competition. Teaming up with professionals to increase your data accuracy is a certain way to success, and that is where Data Entry Outsourced can help.

Their services and expertise will provide the solutions you need to make informed decisions and increase your overall operational efficiency.